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  • 1000 / 1000

  • Thin Woo Kyung

    2015.12.04 02:29

    Help me bend my nose i dream a singer instrgram up in the word and world i want to go avex and sm please help me i need a oxyzen help me my dad korean people my mom japanes people help me breathe in mouth sm audition 500fail why?? I ask your very nose voice i m a good boy nono your a kind boy help me i m a violence victim help me bend my nose very headache and headache very hurt make a promise help me i m a put on the glasses no activity why??short of breathe help me avex and sm help me foreever audition sm fail 5000 help me 21years old same face by jyj jaejoong help me ayumi benefit get money help me 01056631099 live in seoul practice 21years
  • Huang

    2015.11.30 10:03

    I always feel your jaw can stab people to death.
  • 美樹生

    2015.11.29 19:21

    こんばんは。もうそんな時期になりましたか(笑) また、街中ジングルベルの音が流れますね〜 今年はサンタさんに逢えるかな(笑) おやすみなさい